Sarees Made Of Pure Banarasi Silk: Always Been A Classic Choice For Weddings And Other Formal Event


On the day of her wedding, it is every woman’s ambition to appear as if she is a queen. They fantasize about going to the most amazing event of their lives, dressed to the nines and in the most fitting setting. Their Indian weddings, which are unlike any other weddings held anywhere else in the globe, are all about bringing together diverse customs and diversities to celebrate the couple’s one-of-a-kind qualities. Having said that, they are all aware of the significance of a bride’s attire and the impact it has on others who are in its immediate vicinity. Even if they live in a time where fashions are always evolving, there are still a great number of exquisite and priceless relics of the past that will never stop being relevant in urban settings. Among them are the precious traditional sarees with six drapes, which are a symbol of their rich cultural heritage.

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The history of the pure banarasi silk sareeswhich is traditionally worn at weddings, has been passed down in several different ways. The specialists, however, think that this regal piece of cloth was first constructed in the city of temples known as Benares, which has since been renamed Varanasi. This is in line with what the name says.

Pure Banarasi silk sarees are highly sought after because of the intricate floral patterns that are woven into them. These patterns are said to depict the intricate but time-honored workmanship of the Mughals. The pure Banarasi silk sarees that were combined with pearls and embellished work made of gold and silver had such a beautiful texture that was only attainable by monarchs and other wealthy people. These sarees were worn by women in ceremonial and social settings. 

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Banarasi sarees are available in a wide range of variations, including those made of Kora silk, pure silk, tussah silk, organza, peacocks, patterns, and more. Every Banarasi silk saree for a wedding that you come across in bridal boutiques or when purchasing online is exquisitely crafted with the idea that every lady on the globe is one of a kind.

Therefore, this pure Banarasi silk saree performs well for any body type as well as any personal choice. For instance, a tall bride or wedding guest has the option of purchasing a fancy banarasi saree online that is made with smaller flower or animal motifs rather than bigger geometric designs. This may help the saree seem more proportionate to the wearer’s height.

Individuals who have a light complexion may pick a brilliant yellow or a soft pink colored banarasi silk saree for their wedding, whilst people who have a darker complexion can choose between a dark red and a gold saree. Because the authentic Banarasi silk saree can only be produced in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, you should avoid purchasing any sarees that are constructed using low-quality silk imported from China or any other country.

  • Techniques For The Upkeep Of An Expensive Pure Banarasi Silk Saree –

If you believe that purchasing a Banarasi saree online or wearing one to an event is the most challenging aspect of the occasion, you are mistaken. The after-party, also known as the upkeep of the dress, is what will consume the most of your time and energy. However, doing so is not all that difficult, given that you follow the appropriate recommendations and take the greatest care of the genuine Banaras silk sarees. If you do these things, you will be able to keep the saree’s sparkle for a longer period.

It is always recommended that you have your pure Banarasi silk sarees dry-cleaned by professionals, but if you have to wash them at home, make sure not to use harsh or warm water as it can easily damage the silk. If you do have to wash them at home, make sure not to use harsh or warm water as it can easily damage the silk. To keep its luster, you should hang it to dry in a shaded location and then store it on a cover made of clean, thin muslin.

If you want the saree to have a more refined appearance, you should do the pleats and steam-iron it before you drape it.

If you want to keep these genuine silk ki sadi from being creased, you should fold them twice a year.

When it comes to fragile and Banaras sarees online, using hangers is the finest possible approach to store and transport them.

  • The Primary Difference Between A Saree Made Of Pure Banarasi Silk And A Saree Made Of Kanjeevaram Lilk Is The –

Both of these types of silk sarees are renowned not only in a particular region of India but also in countries and regions all over the globe for their incredible beauty and exquisite quality. But each of them has its own identity and a set of remarkable characteristics. but the huge pallu borders of a traditional Kanjeevaram saree feature designs depicting temples, elephants, and themes associated with the epic Ramayana. Wedding sarees made of Banarasi silk, which originated in Banaras, are much more reasonably priced than Kanjeevaram silk sarees, which are influenced by the South. The Bombyx mori silkworm is responsible for the production of Kanjeevaram silks, which makes this the most significant distinction between the two types of silk. Authentic Banarasi silk sarees are created by weaving strands of silk into a fabric.

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Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a blessing, and they are occasions that are marked by a great deal of festivity and enthusiasm. Therefore, even if you are a trendy bride or bridesmaid who wants to make your wedding day special by overlooking the rituals a bit but still wants to rock that silk outfit, you can do so by wearing a fusion Benaras lehenga saree or even a silky jumpsuit for a colorful cocktail party! Both of these outfits are made of silk, and they both rock!