Tips To Choose Wedding Colour Palette

Wedding remains special in everybody’s life. A wedding is an event where two people become one officially. For this special day, you must make all the arrangements in a special way. In fact, you must make your wedding day very special in your life. From food to your wedding outfits, everything must look awesome to your guests.

Many people forget to pay attention to some important things like choosing the perfect wedding colours. Wedding colour schemes now include a wider variety of hues that are applied more subtly throughout the decor of your day, making them much more flexible than they ever were.

In this post, you are going to learn how to choose your wedding colours easily.

  • Although there are no specific guidelines for what colours to use for particular seasons, using certain colours according to the season can elevate your wedding. For an autumn wedding, dark colours would be generally good. For spring it is the pastel colours and for summer try the vibrant colours.
  • Bold and bright colours like turquoise blue, solid yellow or brilliant pink would be wonderful suggestions if you are planning for a beach wedding, during summer. The colours like shiny blue and silver, if you are planning for your wedding during December i.e., during winter. For particular seasons of the year, particular colours work well. This might serve as a guide for your colour scheme. However, as previously said, there are no strict guidelines as to which colours to use for each season.
  • You already know that a lavish ballroom is where you want to get married. See if the ballroom has any existing decorations, such as elaborate carpet detailing or patterned walls. If so, you should base your colour scheme on the venue’s specifics to avoid having your decorations and entourage attire blend in or stand out against the surroundings.
  • You can choose from a wide range of colours, if you’re getting married in a warehouse, tent, outside, or any other empty place because these settings are regarded as neutral ones.
  • Keep your wedding theme in view when selecting the colours. If you are planning for a low-key wedding, colours like violet or metallic gold would be your best choice. You must also consider the mood of your wedding when choosing the colours. Go for the colours like planning for a bar of gold and purple if you are planning for a dramatic wedding. If you are planning for a relaxed mood or low-key wedding, choose colours that promote relaxation and calmness like baby pink, light yellow etc.

Try the colour of the year. You will have plenty of time to plan things before your wedding day since design companies typically release the colour of the year in advance, usually one year. By using some trendy colours, you can make your big day very special in your life. If you do not have any idea about this, you could take the help of a wedding planner like Princess Apulia.

Contact a good wedding planner immediately to stay with peace of mind!