Different Types of Engagement Ring Styles For Your Special Day

So, you have found your soulmate and heading towards one of the most beautiful and memorable moments in life by getting engaged. Getting an ideal ring is the next task as with so many options available, it’s understood to get confused about which type or design to pick.

The traditional rules are no longer as relevant as today it’s all about the person picking up the engagement ring that represents their sense of style, taste, and principles. There is a sparkling ring style available for every price range. Many people are shopping online for engagement rings rather than going to jewelry boutiques so that they can easily check the price of the items and choose from a wide range of styles.

Best custom jewelry engagement rings online studio

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Difference between ring styles and ring settings

Ring styles are common ways to categorize the appearance and feel of engagement rings while ring settings refer to the more specific and technical elements that categorize the different types of engagement rings. For instance, a solitaire ring is a style of ring setting that has just one center stone and no supplementary diamonds or gems on the band. Solitaire ring settings are regarded as traditional ring styles.

Classic and traditional style

Among the many popular engagement ring styles, the solitaire diamond cut ring is the most traditional and classic option that is passed on to generations. It often has a single stone on a simple band, mounted using a claw setting.

Stylish and dazzling

A brilliant pave set of diamonds on the ring band can be preferred for a dazzling look. Halo engagement rings offer that “wow” effect. More glitter can be added by making the main diamond appear larger and brilliant and adding a circle of diamonds around it.

Romantic and vintage

If you have a romantic preference, think of ring styles with small accents, scrollwork designs, or delicate bands. Another lovely option for engagement rings is those that feature baguette diamonds or delicate diamond embellishments.

Contemporary and modern

If you value modern and fashionable style, go for sculpture rings that are available in unconventional shapes. If you wish to completely remove the traditional center diamond then consider a band with delicate details like engravings or distinct shapes. A touch of color can be added with a semiprecious gemstone.

If you feel overwhelmed, consider taking the help of a good online custom jewelry store. They can help you select the perfect engagement ring style and setting according to your preferences to make your day special.