The most beautiful people in the world can find each other through a premium dating service like Perfect 12 Introductions. Perfect 12 is a Los Angeles-based organization that connects people from all over the globe and offers them the services of a professional matchmaker. Meet Perfect12, the best matchmaking software, and learn why you should get it right now.

Practical and Engaging

Perfect 12’s founder and CEO, Simona Fusco, only takes on a small number of clients annually. Simona proudly maintains an exclusive clientele, a testament to her dedication to offering personalized care. When dealing with customers, Simona dives right in. Learning about your ideal relationship style and way of life will be her top priorities. She is committed to acquiring knowledge in both areas. Increasing the likelihood that you will meet your soulmate.

An Experienced and Devoted Professional Matchmaker

Following the breakup of her own committed engagement, Simona Fusco restarted her quest for love. She wished she could go back to where she had been. Lots of services were subpar, which was a major letdown for her. Because of her frustration with what she saw as the industry’s decline, Simona vowed to educate herself thoroughly on the subject in the hopes of making a positive impact.

Reliable Customers

The idea that some dating agencies do not thoroughly vet their members is widespread yet false. You can rest assured that Perfect 12 will only match you with individuals who have an impeccable track record because of their rigorous screening process.

Taking Pictures

Completing a profile is necessary before pairing may proceed. Your profile will be treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times. Only authorized individuals will be able to view this data online. The provided password, on the other hand, will allow you to access the system whenever you need it for editing.

The first impression you provide to possible mates is your profile. Having high-quality profile photos is essential for making a good first impression. Adding at least three photos to your profile will greatly improve it. It is mandatory to include a headshot in your portfolio. A full-body shot ought to be a part of your photo set. You have the option to personalize the third photo.

Dating Tips from the Pros

No matter how great you are, you might not be having much luck finding a life partner. Going on a date could be intimidating for people who have been in committed relationships before. Our seasoned tutors are at your service if you’re looking to ace that first date.

Use these twelve example openers as a starting point for your own picture-perfect love story.

Ninety percent of our clients have had great success with Perfect 12 Introductions. It is with great pleasure that we accept the Mayor of Los Angeles’s esteemed Global Excellence Award. Actors, athletes, and corporations are just a few of our varied clients.

Check out our evaluations to learn about all the happy couples we’ve helped find love. In a similar vein, we know we can locate a life mate for you. To find out more about the professional matchmaker services offered by Perfect 12 Introductions and how they can assist you, give them a call right now.