What makes customised magnet pin for hijab That Different

The Magnetic Hijab pins are a safe and low-cost solution for hijab fashionistas who want to try out the hijab pin trend. The magnets are also designed to be discreet and not disturb people passing by.

The first thing that makes them different is their size: they are slightly larger than a quarter so that you can wear them in your hair or on your clothes without any hassle. They are also different because of the material. Most hijab fashion pins are made with a type of metal prone to rust, but our pin uses a durable and non-corrosive material.

The technology makes them different, too: the magnetic forces in these pins are arranged so that they only attract when you need them to, so there’s no risk of them falling down your back or scratching someone who walks by you.

How to make a customised magnet pin for the hijab?

The magnetic pins are designed for both hijab-wearers and hair-wearers. The pins’ magnetic technology is so powerful that they can be used on anything, anywhere: your hair or your clothes; you can even wear them in your ears if you want to.

The magnets are made from high-grade materials that have been tested and approved by experts, so there’s absolutely no risk of damage or harm to you or the people around you.

For people who’d like to try out customized magnet pin for hijab themselves, they can purchase two or three of them and test them out: their tiny size means that they’re almost impossible to discover until you want to put one on your hair, so the magnets will not cause any harm.

How much do customised magnet pins for hijab cost?

The price is fixed, but you can decide whether you’d like a single one or a three-pack. The price includes everything: the fabric, printing, and shipping.

You’ll also get a gift with your order, which you can choose from the available designs: a set of four pins of the same design or a set of four magnets of different designs. This way, you can see what works best for you before buying more.

How to order a customised magnet pin for the hijab?

The user experience on our website is designed to be simple and reliable for anybody who wants to find our products. No confusing advertising or pushy salespeople: click on an item you’d like to buy and then make your selection from the drop-down menu in the shopping cart.

The magnets have been designed with a special technology that allows you to receive the pins without damaging them. If you would like to try out a customised magnet pin for hijab, you can get one or two of them and try them on your clothes or anything else.

If the first one doesn’t work for you, no problem: it’s easier than trying to remove it from your clothes afterward. Plus, if by chance someone passes by who happens to notice it and is curious about what’s in your hair, there’s absolutely nothing suspicious about experimenting with this product.