Push Presents: 5 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces For a New Mom


Nothing beats the charm of gorgeous jewelry as push presents to celebrate the birth of a child while honoring your partner. More than just a status symbol, a push present reflects your affection for the woman who’s going to birth your child. She’ll feel more treasured with a push gift, especially at this time when she’s not feeling her best after childbirth. 

Diamonds are the ultimate traditional push presents. However, you can even consider custom birthstone jewelry that has more sentimental value. Gemrize carries a wide range of push jewelry gifts, here are five of them to help you narrow down your search.

Diamond Eternity Band

It is one of the most famous push presents. The wedding bands for women represent an unbreakable circle, which is the biggest representation of love for a couple or between child and parent. It would also serve as an additional ring to wear along with a wedding ring. It even offers you various choices for custom jewelry – from the diamond cut to setting and carat weight.  

Diamond Pendant

A sparkling diamond is a remarkable way to commemorate the birth of a child. Regardless of a new mom’s taste in pendants, there is a diamond to fit almost any style. You can choose from pear, round, trillion, and other shapes. Moreover, all these cuts are available in various carats and sizes. No matter what design, shape, or size you choose, what’s special is that this piece of jewelry will be worn by her close to her heart. 

Diamond or Gemstone Earrings

Diamond or gemstone earrings are another versatile piece of jewelry to consider for a push gift. If you choose elegant diamond or gemstone studs, it’s easier to wear them every day. And, the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the right fit or size. 

3-Stone Ring

A 3-stone ring is a wonderful gift to symbolize three phases of your life – your past as a couple, your present as would-be parents, and your future as a complete family. This makes it a great push present to her upon the birth of your child. Whenever she will look at the sparkling stones on her finger, she will remember this special day and the strength of your bond as a family. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Add a maternal sentiment to your push present, as you choose a special birthstone for custom-made jewelry by Gemrize. Pendants, earrings, rings, and even bracelets are wonderful expressions of love. When any of these jewelry pieces are studded with a gemstone, it reflects the birth month of your child. So, it offers you a unique way to recognize your child’s birth with special custom jewelry. 

What better way to express your love and celebrate your new role as parents than push presents? Your trusted custom jewelry maker, Gemrize, can help you design valuable personalized jewelry to best reflect your feelings. 

So, contact us now to get a perfect push present.