Prepare your scalp for easy hairpiece attachment

Are you noticing that your hairpiece bond isn’t lasting as long as you’d like? It doesn’t matter how strong your tape or adhesive is if your scalp or the base of your hairpiece isn’t thoroughly clean.

If you accidentally miss a small spot of adhesive residue on the base of your hair system, it will negatively impact the bond, causing a shorter period of attachment. You’re in luck, as we will provide in-depth step-by-step instructions on how to easily clean your scalp in preparation for your next hairpiece attachment.

Something important to note is that there are different types of wig glue adhesives – some work better on others and vice versa. If you are confident that you followed each step correctly and that your scalp is absolutely clean, it might be time to upgrade your adhesive.

Things you need


C-22 or KP solvent for adhesive removal



Scalp protector solvent

Step 1: Remove any residue from adhesive

After taking off your hair system, start by wiping the previous adhesive residue from your scalp with a wet towel. Both C-22 and KP offer great solvents for easy adhesive removal – using a paper towel, rub the solvent onto your scalp and scrub until every drop of adhesive residue is removed.

Step 2: Wash your head

After cleaning your scalp with adhesive remover, wash your head with wig shampoo and ensure a proper scrub. This step will further guarantee that all adhesive residue is removed.. If you don’t wash your head thoroughly, a single spot of residue will shorten the bond of the hair system.

It will be best to use a razor to go over any stubbles of hair for a clean shave and then proceed to wash it off. It’s important to shave off any unwanted stubbles on your head as it could impact the bond’s duration on your scalp.

Step 3: Apply scalp protector

After you’re done shampooing and rinsing, grab either a towel or hair dryer and fully remove excess moisture from your head.

Once your head is completely dry, apply a scalp protector. We recommend either Walker’s scalp protector or Sunshine skin prep. Scalp protectors provide a protective and waterproof coating to the scalp to help prevent irritation from adhesives and provide improved adhesion as well.

Now that you have prepared your scalp, you’re ready to proceed with attaching the hair system – you can expect a long-lasting bond.