Diamonds are Eternal: Just Like Your Bond 

From James Bond to Shirley Bassey – everyone agrees that diamonds are forever. Why would criminals risk their lives for a pouch full of diamonds? Why would men present a diamond ring to their woman on the engagement day? That’s because diamonds are forever and they’re very precious too. 

However, the slogan, ‘diamonds are forever’ was created by Mary Frances Garety. Advertising agencies still use this slogan and it sells! 

Whenever a man has to propose marriage to a woman, he goes to buy the most exquisite diamond ring. When it’s a woman’s birthday, the man in the relationship thinks of saving up and buying a diamond piece for his woman. 

That’s because diamonds are eternal – just like your bond. Here’s a quick post about diamonds and how they are eternal like your love. Dive right in! 

Diamonds – The Finest Creation of Mother Earth 

Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds have magical powers. These diamonds were used for healing and protection against evil. 

When we think of diamonds, we also think of eternal beauty. Also, there are many people who try to replicate the look of diamonds, but they fail to make the exact copy. Something or the other will always lack in the fake variants. 

You can’t copy a diamond – it is eternal, unique, and one-of-a-kind. 

Diamonds are known for their shine, strength, and beauty. Women are pretty much the same – they are also known for their strength, beauty, and endless shine. 

A Diamond is Indeed Forever 

Chemistry professors and scientists would have a different take on this, but a diamond is indeed forever. 

Diamonds have an enduring value – they don’t lose their sheen too soon. A diamond is seen as a very precious gift – people save up their salary to buy a piece of diamond. 

And why not? It’s the most beautiful thing one has ever seen! When you gift a diamond to a woman, you are telling her that your bond will last forever. Not everyone presents you with a diamond – it is only given to women who hold a special place in someone’s heart. Thus, a diamond is a perfect heirloom and also a forever gift for someone you love. 

These days men are also buying diamond accessories for themselves, but it looks dazzling on a woman. 

Keeping diamonds as an heirloom is also interesting because each of these diamond pieces tells a different story. 

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