Designer Lashes – Get Ready For Festival Time

Are you ready to turn heads and capture the spirit of festival season with some dazzling lash designs? With music festivals on the horizon and days of dancing under the sun, it’s time to lift up your clients’ looks with bold and vibrant eyelash extensions. From whimsical mermaids to glittering rainbows, there’s a style out there to match every personality and festival outfit. Not only do these fantastic lashes act as the ultimate accessory, but they also save your clients from the stress of daily mascara applications and smudged makeup. So, are you ready to explore the enchanting world of festival lash extensions? Let’s dive in and check out these trendy, stand-out styles!


Confetti lash extensions are the perfect festival look if your client loves a party. Mimic the magical moment of confetti falling from the sky with these fun, multicoloured extensions. This lash look requires a mixture of bright, vivid colours spread sporadically throughout the lash line. These pops of colour should be added randomly for the best effect to mirror the randomness of confetti falling. Whether your client wants to add these as a pop of colour to an otherwise natural look or to go all-out with a complete set of confetti lashes, this is a fun and exciting look that will turn heads.


For a truly luxurious look, try diamond lash extensions. These extensions will add a bit of shine and sparkle to your client’s festival outfit, making them stand out from the crowd. These lashes are coated with diamond dust that catches the light and shines bright, creating a dazzling effect. To make the diamond lashes really stand out, apply them as accent lashes throughout a set of black lash extensions. The black will create a contrast that really makes the diamonds shine.


For clients who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement, vibrant-coloured lash extensions are a great way to add drama to a festival look. Whether neon pink, electric blue or bright orange, these lashes will surely get your client noticed. They can be added as accent lashes for a pop of colour or used to create a full set of dramatic, brightly coloured lashes.

Before starting any of these looks, ensure you conduct a patch test 24-48 hours before the appointment to ensure your client isn’t allergic to any of the products you’ll be using. Always remember to use high-quality, safe adhesive for applying these lashes, and have your clients come in for regular maintenance to keep their lashes looking fabulous.


Designer permanent makeup is an excellent tool to enhance further and elevate your lash extensions, adding that extra touch of creativity and glamour to your festival look. High-quality eyeshadows, liners, and highlighters can make your lashes pop even more. A finely milled, shimmer eyeshadow in a complementary colour can accentuate the hues of your coloured lash extensions, making them appear more vibrant.

Similarly, designer eyeliner can add depth and definition, making your lash extensions look denser and fuller. A touch of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes can create a brightening effect, drawing further attention to your fabulous lashes.

Remember, the key is choosing lash-friendly products that won’t compromise the adhesive or the lash extensions themselves. With the right makeup techniques, you can bring out the best of your lash extensions and make your eyes the focal point of your festival look.


And there you have it – three incredible lash extension looks to get your clients festival-ready. These styles add some much-needed colour and drama to their festival outfits and ensure they look fabulous from the moment they wake up in their tents till the last encore of their favourite band. Whether they want to sparkle with glitter extensions or express their bold personality with vibrant colours, there’s a style for everyone.