4 Major Causes Of Shoe Damages

Nowadays, almost every person invests in high-quality kicks, wishing they would last longer. However, you may notice wear down on your shoes sooner than intended, pushing you to replace them in just a few months. Why?

Find out the various reasons why your shoes must have been given up before they should have. Then, see how you can prevent it today.

1- Over-pronation and supination

The way you walk can result in most wear down. When you move around, you end up putting different amounts of weight on the other foot parts. Check your walk to determine if you have neutral pronation, under-pronation, or over-pronation.

With normal pronation, the heels strike first to the ground, therefore applying the force uniformly. As a result, with even weight distribution, the wear and tear are minimized significantly.

With over-pronation, the foot rolls inside more than usual while moving. It results in unequal weight distribution, therefore resulting in quick wear and tear of inner edges.

With supination or under-pronation, the weight rolls onto outer edges—this way, the shoes wear out on the outside sooner.

2- Poor construction quality

Here we mean how the upper and sole of the shoes are attached. Some shoes have them glued, while others have them stitched. High-quality shoes like Nike Off White Futura Dunk have them stitched, meaning the sole and upper are held together using a thread.

When the shoes are glued, they tend to come apart sooner. And once they are apart, it becomes impossible to repair them properly.

3- Poor quality materials

The upper of your shoe determines how the shoes will age and how they will look over time. Poor quality shoes are designed using cheap materials that don’t last long. But, high-quality shoes have high-quality, breathable and durable fabric.

Similarly, quality shoes have a rubber outsole that lasts longer and offers excellent ground traction when it comes to the outer fabric.

4- The ground or surface

Sometimes even high-quality shoes wear down sooner. In such a case, the surface you are using the shoes is to be blamed. For instance, a rough sole is best for off-road conditions. So, if you wear work shoes off-road, get ready to see them wear down sooner.

Are you ready to own long-term shoes? 

Now that you know why your shoes don’t last long, it is time to be more cautious. To guarantee a safe pair of kicks, visit Hype Your Beast to purchase new shoes like Nike Off White Futura Dunk that surely will last you longer than you expect!