The Meaning of Different Flowers and the Messages They Send

Flowers have long been used as a gift or acknowledgment toward others that individuals care about. Whether it be for romantic reasons or for a get-well gift, they can be a great way to remind someone how you are thinking about them. However, you may not know how each flower has its own symbolism behind it.

Even if the bouquet that you put together looks beautiful and well-coordinated, you could still be sending off the wrong message, depending on the flowers you choose. Being mindful of your options will be beneficial in the long run for any situation that calls for fresh flora.

After using the following guide to understand the type of flowers you might require, you can get assistance with putting the perfect gift together from an online florist in Austin, TX, from La Fleur. Not only can they help put bouquets together for different situations, but they can help you deliver them to the ones you love!


These thorny flowers are often the first type that people think of when it comes to Valentine’s Day or just romance in general. This did not come out of the blue one day- roses have had their lovers’ status for centuries, thanks to mythology and religion.

As stated in Greek mythology, roses tended to spring up whenever Aphrodite, the goddess of love, walked the earth. The flower also represented her Roman counterpart Venus, and those who believed in her would decorate their rooms with roses.

Even though the general rose is a symbol of love, different colors can have their own meanings. Red is the main sign of saying you love someone, while darker crimson can symbolize mourning, making such hues better for funerals or sending sympathy to someone.


Another particularly popular flower used in arrangements or for special occasions is the carnation. This often derives from the fact that they do not wilt as fast as other flowers and can be found in a wider range of colors, including dual tones. Many choose to use them for prom and bridesmaid corsages because they match almost any dress or theme.

Although they can be used in a romantic way, carnations actually represent feminine love, particularly when it comes to mothers or other female family members. Much of this is due to Christianity, as followers long say that the flower grew as the Virgin Mary cried for her son Jesus when he died. Since then, people have used them for Mother’s Day presents.

If you hope to send specific meanings with your flowers, be wary of your color choices, much like with roses. Pink carnations are associated with gratitude, which is a great way to tell your mother thanks, while yellow is often used to symbolize disdain- something you may not want to present her with.


These tall-growing plants are long-loved and prevalent in many types of bouquets and arrangements, no matter if it is the starring flower or used as an additive. The bright color can help make any vase pop and brings a sense of warmth to the room they are placed in. Because of this, it is no wonder that they symbolize good vibes, as well!

In many cultures, sunflowers represent joy and adoration to others. This makes it the perfect option for any type of person, not just someone you are romantically interested in. You could opt to use sunflowers whenever you want to remind friends you are thinking of them or when you want to motivate someone who is recovering from an injury or illness.


Though not as common as roses, mainly because they only start to pop up in the spring, tulips are still adored as a romantic status flower. While rose lore comes from Greek and Roman mythos, tulips are associated with Turkish culture. A man named Farhad’s love for a woman named Shirin was shown when he planted red tulips to show his devotion to her, as some tales state.

Since the whole meaning of tulips is “perfect love,” they are excellent for weddings or anniversary presents, especially if you have been with your partner or spouse for many years. As they grow in spring, tulips are also used to say someone is starting fresh and represent birth. If you have a friend who has had a child, this could be an excellent way to show your congratulations to them.

Flowers With Bad Meanings

Even though all flowers are beautiful and might look nice in your garden, not all are great gifts for others. Even if they aren’t a plant expert, you still could give the more superstitious or aware people in your life a reason to frown:

  • Orange Lilies: While white lilies represent purity and yellow ones are associated with joy, the same cannot be said for their orange counterparts. Seen as a symbol of pride and anger, giving someone an orange lily may show that you dislike them or find them to be an enemy.
  • Black Roses: While some may use the black rose for mourning or as a sign of gothic love, such uses might not be a wise idea. These flowers are actually thought to represent revenge or bring in evil spirits. If you use them for a wedding, some people may believe the marriage will not last.
  • Petunias: Although many people are them and their wide range of colors, the flower itself comes with negative connotations. When looking into lore, you will see that they are associated with negativity and resentment.
  • Begonias: Some individuals find beauty in these flowers because of how similar they are to roses, but they do not have the same meaning. While giving someone a begonia might not mean you hate them, it will be a sign that you are warning them about problems that may arise in the future. This could b seen as a threat or an omen.

Putting Together the Right Arrangement

Even though you have a better understanding of flower symbolization and language, you might not be the most skilled florist out there. Fortunately, no matter the situation, you can find a florist who can collaborate to put together the right present. La Fleur’s florist strives to provide the most beautiful pieces that will tell the exact story you are hoping for.

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Flowers are a common and much-appreciated gift that is used in a variety of situations. By looking into the lore of different types, you will be able to put together the right gift with help from La Fleur without giving off the wrong meaning. Click here to check out their online shop and put together arrangements that range from simple “thinking of you” gifts to extravagant “I love you” vases.