Hair Colouring – An Artistic Experience

Hair colouring breathes life into your tresses and makes them look lustrous and voluminous. When we say hair colouring, we often worry about our hair. This happens because many hair colours contain ammonia, which is a harsh chemical that ruins our tresses. We have often seen people having colour on their hair, but the hair seems to look dry and lifeless. This is what ammonia enriched hair dyes do. They make our hair weak and frizzy. Ammonia makes our hair brittle and prone to damage.

So, which hair dye should one go for? Organic hair dyes! That’s your answer. Organic hair dyes are enriched with natural ingredients that will give your hair an oh-so-wow look. There are many colour shades for hair to choose from such hair dyes. Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo is one such natural hair dye that gives your hair a nourished look. These hair dyes make your hair lustrous and strong. The best thing about this hair dye is that it boosts hair growth and gives your thick hair.

Godrej dyes give a conditioning effect to your tresses and help in taming your frizzy hair. This natural dye keeps your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Available in five vibrant shades, this hair dye gives you natural-looking, beautiful tresses.

Now, when we talk of colour shades, the first thing that comes to our mind is which hair colour one should go for? Well, there are different shades that suit different hair types. It is best to know your skin tone and undertone when you go for hair colouring. To determine your skin tone or undertone, you can take up a simple test.

By looking at your veins you can know your undertone. Green-coloured veins mean that you have a warm undertone and shades like brown, caramel, golden blonde, etc., will look with you. Similarly, blue or purple-coloured veins mean that you have a cool skin tone and shades like pink, icy brown, mahogany, red, etc., will suit best with you. If you are not able to decide the colour, this means that you have a neutral skin tone and you can wear any hair colour you like.

Now that you know the importance and ways of choosing hair colours, let us further discuss about the best colour shades for hair that you can try.

Colour Shade for Hair

Red looks ravishing, black is bewitching, and brown is beautiful! There is no colour as beautiful and neutral as brown. We can go for many unconventional and unnatural shades, but nothing beats brown. The shade is simply subtle and blends effortlessly in your locks to give you an appealing and stylish appearance. Below are the best shades of brown that you can try!

  1. Cinnamon Brown Hair Shade

Besides the global hair colour, this shade will look good when infused with some red tones. Coupling cinnamon brown with auburn hair shade will enhance your entire look. Try this shade in the balayage hair colouring technique to give your hair a natural yet trendy look. Try out this shade now!

  1. Light Brown Hair Shade

With black as a hair base, light brown brings a beautiful texture to your hair. The natural variant provided by this hair shade suits all skin tones. Style your hair in curls or waves with this hair shade. This hair colour adds a certain depth and dimension to your locks. It is a reflective shade that looks absolutely stunning in natural light. Try out this hair shade if you want a minimal yet stylish look.

  1. Ash Brown Hair Shade

Ash brown is a hair colour that lies at the cusp of two hair colours, i.e., blond and brown. The shades blend together and we get the ash blonde shade. This hair shade done in the balayage technique is an ongoing trend. This colour suits best with warm skin tones, thereby balancing your lovely yellow and olive complexion. This is a nice, cool shade that one should definitely try!

  1. Chestnut Brown Hair Shade

Love various shades of brown? Let’s blend all of them! Chestnut brown is an amazing shade made by blending warm shades like deep brown, caramel, and golden brown. This shade is an apt choice for ladies having cool skin tones and undertones. Styled in beach waves, this hair colour gives your hair a sun-kissed, lustrous look that is bound to be a head-turner. Try it out now!

  1. Medium Golden Brown Hair Shade

Golden melts in your hair like magic. It is one shade that is our personal favourite too! This beautiful colour is done in the form of highlights to compliment a cool skin tone. This hair shade warms up your cool complexion and makes you look gorgeous. Allure everyone with your beautiful tresses and make a fashion statement with this minimal hair colour look.

  1. Iced Chocolate Brown Hair Shade

Thinking of brownies already? This hair shade is a replica of your favourite brownie. Iced chocolate brown hair shade is a neutral shade that probably tastes as good as it looks! This hair shade suits all skin types and gives you voluminous and shiny tresses. Go for a global hair colouring technique with this shade and give your hair a beautiful look. What are you waiting for? Go get that brownie shade now!

  1. Bronze Hair Shade

Cool skin tones can flaunt this beautiful hair shade. Dipped in a rich brown shade, this hair colour takes inspiration from the delicious French coffee beans. This hair colour flaunts your locks and when it natural lights; the colour reflects beautifully. As delicious as it sounds, this hair shade will look stunning and amazing when you try it. Try out this shade and give your locks a bold and gorgeous look.

  1. Caramel Hair Shade

A versatile shade that is every woman’s favourite! Caramel is every woman’s go-to shade that suits cool skin tones. Caramel and cool skin tones can never go wrong or out of trend. The golden-hued caramel shade gives your locks a bright and sun-kissed look. You can either go global or for highlights with this stunning shade.

  1. Dark Brown Hair Shade

A simple yet dark brown shade is enough to amp up your look. This hair dye is perfect for covering grey hair. You can blend this shade with subtle golden lowlights to add definition and dimension to your tresses. Try out this hair shade and give your locks colour and lustre to make everyone fall in love…with your hair!

  1. Toffee Brown Hair Shade

‘Yum’ is what comes to our mind when we talk of this hair shade. This is a lovely shade of brown that brightens your complexion. This colour suits a cool skin tone and makes your hair look absolutely gorgeous. Go for proper curls with this hair shade to bring out the beauty of the shade. Try it out now!

So, these are the best colour shades for hair. Brown is the go-to hair shade for every woman. The shades mentioned above are gorgeous and are bound to turn heads as you walk in. Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo too, comes in a brown shade that gives your locks colour and care altogether. Try out the brown shades mentioned above and make a fashion statement everywhere you go!