Choose Your Glasses According To the Shape Of Your Face

There are simple, quick and effective steps to find the glasses frame that will fit your face perfectly. First select the types of frames that go well with the geometric shape of your face.

The eyes are often referred to be a person’s windows to the soul, but we believe that their actual function as a sensory organ is much more important than any philosophical mush that has been written about it. Even if you don’t lose your soul to visual problems, you may find yourself unable to do your everyday tasks without the help of eyeglasses or contact lenses. This is possible, albeit to a limited extent. There is no treatment for poor vision, even if you use bifocal glasses or high-index lenses that may improve your vision.

You Need UV Protection for Your Eyes!

One of the most common causes of vision-related issues is UV radiation. The manufacturer’s recommended level of UV protection is always included in higher-quality lenses. Low-quality ones, on the other hand, may only lay a nominal claim to it. It has been determined that a large number of low-cost lenses readily available on the market lack any UV protection, according to a recent study by the American Optometric Association (AOA). UV radiation may also cause eye cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration, among other ailments, in addition to distorting your eyesight.

Select Frames That Match Your Face Shape

To do this, you must first determine the dominant geometric shape of your face. If necessary, pull your hair back and observe the drawing-shape mirror-face shape of your face in the mirror. You can also take a selfie, print it and then trace the outline of the face to see the most obvious shape appear. Take the opportunity to emphasize the glasses frames according to the shape of your eyebrows. It will be useful for the next step.

Round Face

A round face has curved lines, without angles, the width and length is in the same proportions. A narrow, angular frame to help you elongate or slim your face, a clear bridge to widen your eyes. Accentuate your type with rounded shapes or correct it with geometric, angular and elongated shapes.

Oval Face

An oval face is often considered the ideal shape due to its balanced proportions. It is also the most common type of face. You can afford all styles of glasses (from the most classic to the sauciest). Respect all the same a certain harmony with your personality. Round glasses will give you a youthful air, rectangular glasses will accentuate dynamism, character.

In any case, prefer discreet frames, light or pastel in color, rather rounded and thin. Avoid anything strict and geometric, overly imposing frames and the butterfly shape. Don’t accentuate the peak effect by choosing glasses that come down below your cheekbones. In vooglam you will get more information.

Rectangular or Elongated Face

This type of face is longer than it is wide and sometimes has a rather long nose. To make the face shorter and more balanced, try decorated or contrasting frames that add width to the face, or have a low bridge to shorten the nose.

You can choose to widen your face with fairly large oval frames, the “cat’s eye” or “butterfly” style generally suits you very well. Avoid too rectangular shapes that would harden your face. If you have a thin face, avoid glasses that are too thick or bulky (this does not mean that you cannot wear large glasses, but make sure that the frame is relatively thin).

Square Face

A square face has a strong jaw line and a wide forehead, the width and length are in the same proportions. You can accentuate your personality with geometric shapes (avoid the square shape anyway) or soften it with oval shapes with soft lines.

If you choose to soften the angles, try narrow or oval frame styles, such as round lightweight metal frames. Make sure the width of the glasses is less than the width of the face. For men, it is advisable to move towards an angular shape that will accentuate the muscular aspect of the face. But if you are a woman, a more rounded shape will soften your features. The vooglam  glasses are the best there.

Diamond or Rhombus Face

Diamond-shaped, these faces are narrow in the eye and jaw line, and have wide cheekbones. This is the rarest face shape. Try small frames with geometric or oval shapes to minimize the horizontal distance between the temples. Choose a model a little wider than your cheekbones, with curved lines. The “cat’s eye ” or fluttering shapes, for example, very trendy, will suit you very well.

Also Consider the Other Elements of Your Face: Eyebrows

If there’s only one rule to follow, it’s this one. Make sure the top of the frame falls just below your eyebrows, the eyebrows are an essential part of your personality, they are the lines of expression, it would be a shame to hide them and moreover it risks doing very naughty.

For a seamless appearance, frames that are curved on top should follow the brow line as closely as possible without interrupting it. If you have straight eyebrows, it is better to avoid rounded shapes and vice versa.

The Spacing of the Eyes

If your eyes are rather wide apart, choose a dark color for the bridge, this will give the effect of bringing the eyes closer together.

Spectacle Bridge

The bridge of a spectacle frame is the part of the frame that connects the two lenses and that fits the nose.

Close Eye Glasses

Conversely, if your eyes are close together, choose a narrow or clear bridge and avoid glasses frames that are too wide.

The Nose

If you have a rather long nose, choose a low or dark colored bridge, and preferably a “saddle nose” which is a type of bridge with a very large contact surface, this will shorten it. It’s the opposite for a short nose , choose a bridge high enough and light in color.

Head Size

Choose small eyeglass frames if you have a rather small head. Make sure your glasses are no wider than the widest part of your face. Otherwise, if you have a large head, select glasses frames that are wide enough and avoid frames that “tighten” the face.

Finalize Your Choice.

To finalize your choice, choose the model that best follows the line of your eyebrows and make sure that the lower part of your glasses does not touch your cheekbones when you smile. Know that, without making it a general rule, it is preferable to choose a frame of glasses that improves the oval of the face. Of course, the essential criterion is that you feel good in your glasses. Do not take these tips literally. It is your personality above all that will dictate your choice.